20 January 2009

Church of the Holy Sepulchre - Jerusalem, Israel
The church is said to be where Christ was crucified, buried and resurrected - a phenomenal history in an extraordinary building.
A bench sits just inside the entrance where there is always a visitor resting, waiting for a friend or maybe just waiting to be found.

03 January 2009

Wine Barrels - Sarona, Tel Aviv
Once the wine cellar of the historic Templar district of Tel Aviv, this large hall was used to construct airplanes for the War of Independence (1948). Are you wondering how they got the airplanes out?
(Apologies, but I couldn't resist applying the watercolor filter.)

29 December 2008

Shesh-Besh in Shook Mahane Yehuda - Jerusalem
It's almost never a simple question of black and white. Is it?

22 December 2008

Kibbutz - Israel (where else?)
"It was good and good that it was..."

21 December 2008

A Walk in the Hills - Israel
John Muir said that he never saw a discontented tree,
but I think that this one would be happy to make the move to Central Park.

14 December 2008

Step right up and ye shall find - Jerusalem

26 November 2008

Jaffa Flea Market with Hobby Horse
To the first of my friends who got married after college I gave a hand-made wooden rocking horse which initially served as a useful piece of furniture in the young couple's apartment and then hopefully went on to become a source of imaginary flight for their kids.